Newsletter | Spring 2016

Spring 2016 Newsletter

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and as a way to get staff and students talking about mental health, supporting mental health awareness campaigns, reaching key audiences and increasing your organization’s visibility, we are sharing a link to the Screening for Mental Health, Inc. website. This site takes an interdisciplinary approach to informing mental health education and screening. Under the Programs Tab, visit the link to Middle and High Schools to learn more about the importance of mental health programs.

The Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs at Miami University informs the mental health and school success of children and adolescents through the promotion of expanded school mental health programs and services. The intent is to promote the development and implementation of effective programs to enhance healthy psychological development of school-age students and reduce mental health barriers to learning. To identify school-based mental health services, School Community Continuum of Services, the Effective Practices Registry or receive professional development, visit the Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs website.

To find a community mental health agency in your county click here.


Barricade Rule Information


Helpful tools for creating emergency operations plans

Ohio Homeland Security, in partnership with the Ohio Department of Education, continues to work with Ohio schools to complete the new requirements of Ohio law (Ohio Revised Code 3313.536 and Ohio Administrative Code 3301-5-01) concerning the completion of emergency operation plans. For those schools in the process of submitting their plans for evaluation at the state level, there are many helpful resources available from the Safer Schools website.

Under this relatively new law, schools are now required to not only submit their emergency operations plans and floor plans, but their emergency contact sheets and site plans as well. A sample plan for each of the four components is available on the above mentioned website. Each of the four portions of the overall safety plan is then uploaded to the Ohio Department of Education through the SAFE portal ( by the applicable school administrators.

In order to assist school administrators with completing effective and compliant safety plans, Ohio Homeland Security has dedicated personnel who not only assist schools in creating their plans with other local partners and agencies, but also evaluate each safety plan utilizing a streamlined format known as the Gap Analysis Tool. The Gap Analysis Tool is available here.

Upon successfully uploading the four portions of the overall safety plan, the Ohio Department of Education provides the entire safety plan to Ohio Homeland Security. Ohio Homeland Security personnel will then evaluate the safety plan utilizing the Gap Analysis Tool. The results are then sent to the Ohio Department of Education and the school administrator. Should you have any questions concerning your overall safety plan, please contact Ohio Homeland Security’s school help line at (614) 728-0424.


New Director of Center for P-20 Safety and Security

Kimberly Nagel is the new executive director of the Center for P-20 Safety and Security. The Office, in partnership with Ohio Homeland Security and the Ohio Department of Public Safety, provides schools safety resources and guidance for keeping their students safe. Kimberly’s role is to ensure the safety of all students in Ohio schools — from preschool through college. She is available to work with and support your district or school in meeting state and federal requirements for school safety, including plans and exercises.

Kimberly brings to her new position 14 years of experience in homeland security and emergency management. She has expertise in safety exercises and planning and policy development for higher education and state and local governments. Before joining the Center for P-20 Safety and Security, she served as emergency manager at several Ohio- and Virginia-
based universities. Kimberly earned certification as a certified emergency manager from the International Association of Emergency Managers.

Please feel free to contact Kimberly directly at


Register now for the Ohio Promoting Wellness and Recovery Conference in June

Registration is now open for the Ohio Promoting Wellness and Recovery Conference (OPEC), Enhancing Access, Quality and Connections, on June 27-29, at Ohio University in Athens. The goal of the conference is to promote collective impact through building the capacity of Ohio’s prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery support workforce for children, families and communities. 

OPEC is offering six subject matter tracks: Prevention; Collective Impact; Youth Development; Cultural Competency; Early Childhood Mental Health; and Adolescent Treatment and Recovery/Peer Support. This year, OPEC also is offering 10 all-day skill building sessions for participants on June 29.

The registration fee is $100 and includes lunch Monday through Wednesday and dinner Tuesday evening. Lodging is available at a variety of hotels, as well as in the university dorms. See the website for more lodging information. Continuing education credits may be available to you. The registration deadline is June 13. Click here to register


Center for P-20 Safety and Security Reminders

Annual certification deadline is July 1: Schools with emergency plans that came into compliance in 2015 are reminded that they will need to certify those plans are still current and accurate for their facilities. For more information, click here to view our general help document, which details how to certify your school’s plans and complete other emergency tasks in SAFE.




Does your district have a safety plan coordinator? Remember, school districts can designate any staff member with a SAFE account with the role ‘coordinator: safety plans.’ This role is granted by a district’s OEDS administrator and allows the safety plan coordinator access to all emergency plans and related activities in SAFE.

Center for P-20 Safety and Security Contacts

For any questions related to school safety and bullying prevention, please call (614) 644-2641 or email