Ohio Revised Code 3313.536 and Ohio Administrative Code 3301-5-01 define which schools must submit emergency management plans, the requirements for developing and submitting plans and the penalties for not complying with the law. Also, the law requires an annual review, annual emergency management test and a three-year reevaluation of the plan by the Ohio Department of Education.

Model Anti-Harassment, Anti-Intimidation and Anti-Bullying Policy

This State Board of Education-approved model policy (link is external) contains procedures for reporting, documenting and investigating incidents of harassment, intimidation and bullying (including cyber bullying) as explained in the model policy and Ohio Revised Code. The document delineates responsibilities for school personnel and presents student intervention strategies. The policy also states the requirements for districts to:

  • Consult with students, parents, school employees, volunteers and community members in developing policies and programs;
  • Publish policies in student handbooks and employee training materials;
  • Locally report on a semiannual basis a summary of reported incidents;
  • Provide training on local policies to the extent that state or federal funds are appropriated for these purposes.

Rapid Dismissal, School Safety, and Tornado Drills

Ohio Revised Code 3737.73 defines shool requirements regarding rapid dismissal fire drills, school safety drills, and tornado drills based upon school characteristics.