Emergency Management Test FAQ

UPDATE:  The State Superintendent of Public Instruction has used his authority provided by HB 197 to approve an extended deadline for the 2020 Emergency Management Test in the wake of coronavirus-related ordered school building closure. The new deadline for the 2020 test is December 31, 2021. Please contact the Ohio School Safety Center with any questions related to this extension..
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Emergency Management Test FAQ

What is the Emergency Management Test requirement?

Over the course of three calendar years, school principals are responsible for ensuring the completion of one of three emergency management tests annually. Exercises are limited to: tabletop, functional, and full-scale.


When is the deadline to report an EMT?

EMT must be reported annually on a calendar year basis (not by school year – EMTs are due by December 31st of each year). 


Is an EMT the same thing as a State Fire Marshal requirement?

No: The EMT is a separate requirement regulated by the Ohio Department of Public Safety via the Ohio Department of Education. However, it is possible to use a State Fire Marshal drill to fulfill your EMT requirement. For example, a safety drill (fire, lockdown, evacuation, etc.) may fulfill your EMT requirement for a functional test. The test only counts for both requirements if reported to each entity.


How does a school official gain access to the necessary SAFE web application?

To gain access to the Emergency Management Plan and Emergency Management Test, you must be designated as a Superintendent, Principal, or School Safety Plan Coordinator in the Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS). OEDS Administrators are able to manage this information themselves, deleting and adding at will. If you are no longer an official charged with school safety, you or a current administrator will be able to delete your contact information when you log onto OEDS. 


Where can I record the EMT?

In your ODE Security Application for Enterprise (SAFE) account: look under ‘Web Systems,’ select ‘School Safety Plans,’ search by school/district IRN and leave the ‘Plan Status’ plan as the default ‘—Select Plan Status—‘ . Once you locate your school, select “Add 2017 EMT” under the ‘Emergency Management Test’ to record your EMT.


Are first responders required to participate?

No: School officials are not required, though encouraged, to include first responder participation in an EMT.


Are students required to be present and/or participate?



Are schools able to exercise district-wide?

Yes: Schools across a district can use the same scenario, provided they are working through the scenario using their own specific procedures to deterime areas of improvement within their individual plans and building operations. Each school also needs to record the EMT separately. 


Where can I find the EMT requirement in law?

ORC 3313.536; OAC 3301-5-01.


Why is there a 30 minute minimum time for the EMT in SAFE?

There is no time requirement.  The 30 minute minimum is an IT error that needs to be fixed.  If your EMT was less than 30 minutes (which is appropriate for some EMTs), please enter the minimum required time until the issue is resolved.
All 7 Parts show green, why won’t the system accept my EMT?

The 3 strengths and 3 improvement areas need to be entered into 3 separate rows.  The system defaults to one row.  Simply click “add new row” 2 times and enter each strength and improvement area into its own row.


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