To help peers across the state be better prepared, school administrators in this video to share their stories of living through a school shooting and the lessons learned from their experiences. Key lessons of preparation, taking action and recovery are discussed further in the hope that school administrators across Ohio will incorporate them into their own emergency management plans.
Sign Up for School Safety Plan Tip Line: Public safety officials are repurposing an existing statewide hotline and will offer it at no cost to schools as a way for students to report potential suicide, school shootings, bullying or other problems anonymously.

Safer Schools Ohio

Welcome to the Ohio School Safety Center

On August 21, 2019, Governor Mike DeWine signed Executive Order 2019-21D creating the Ohio School Safety Center within Ohio Homeland Security. The Center is responsible for assisting local schools and law enforcement with preventing, preparing for, and responding to threats and acts of violence, including self-harm, through a holistic, solutions-based approach to improving school safety.

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